title-line  Cleaning Kits Project – 2014  title-line

Helping families on the Coast with basic essential items we all take for granted


When homeless people finally find a place to live they get four walls and a roof.


Their new home may or may not be furnished, but it is certain there will be no brooms, mops, buckets or cleaning materials. Cleaning items cost a lot of money and these people don’t have much money, and there are no government funds to cover these costs.


We responded to this gap and gave 50 cleaning kits to UnitingCare Burnside Doorways. Each kit contained over $160 of essential items.
It’s late in the day, too late to find help. You’re tired, hungry and scared. Tomorrow you can get help but you have to get through tonight. As a community working together we can provide a sanctuary; shelter and a meal for somebody in need 365 days a year.

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